About Me

About Me

Welcome everybody!

My name is Elena and I’m crazy about making any type of unique, beautiful and yummy desserts, some easier to make, others not that easy, and all of them having one thing in common – they are all remarkable. This is my greatest hobby, passion and one of the reasons to get up from bed every morning.

Often I hear that making dessert and baking confectionery is something that scares most people without much experience and knowledge. Actually IT IS NOT that complicated. 🙂

I’m here to help you and guide you step by step to create lots of different desserts to charm your relatives, to enjoy your time, and to feel the real taste of well-made desserts – without artificial ingredients or substitutes like corn syrup or ready powdered mixtures.

Making desserts is like riding a bike – at the first it can me overwhelming and even scary, but you still want to try it. After following the instructions and investing some time to understand and get familiar with the process, you will start to feel more comfortable are really enjoyed the hobby. Why not even try riding with your hands of the bike? 🙂

How everything began?

To be honest I really don’t remember when was the first time I asked my mom to help her to do desserts. Since I was a little kid, she never stopped me from chasing my dreams. I remember waiting for her to be done, so I can scoop up and eat the mixture remaining in the bowl. Non baked mixture might not be too healthy but it is so yummy :). And again my mom never stopped me to do this.

Year after year, or to be more precise weekend after weekend I have tried many new recipes, first following the original steps, and after that modifying them to meet my personal taste. I have messed around with so many ingredients and different baking techniques that I can hardly remember them all, but I enjoyed it every single minute. For me and many other professionals, bakery and cake decoration is a pure form of beautiful, tasty art.

Of course, there were many times when I failed, but we all know that failure is one way to succeed. Whenever we fail, we just have to find what went wrong and figure out how to fix it next time.

One day I just decided to apply for a professional bakery class. After I passed the exam together with only two other people, we had the honor to be taught by some of the best pastry chiefs in my country and very well-known names across Europe. After year of theory, many exams, practical tests and basic lessons in bakery, we were encourage to start creating our own unique desserts. The third year of my education was entirely focused on cake decoration and you do need a lot of passion and fantasy, but this last part is the one that makes you feel great and so proud of yourself when you see the amazing things you are able to create with your own hands and mind.


Many of my friends asked me how to make some dessert, how to surprise their family with something original and delicious made by them self? Every time when people see or try my desserts they start asking how I made it, how hard it was, how much time it took me, what did I use, etc. I’m more than glad to share my knowledge and vast experience in bakery, and to explain every single step in details. But most of all I’m glad when someone calls me and tells me “Do you know, I made this cake following your instruction, and it was the star of the evening!”.


I’m here to try to inspire you like I did with many other bakery enthusiasts, to give it a try, to enjoy the process of creating new things and to share all they can learn with their family and friends. I’m here to prove to you that nothing is too difficult, or impossible when it comes to making desserts. Everything depends on you, because everything is in your hands 🙂

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best and good luck!





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